Natasha Romanoff: S.H.I.E.L.D Agent, Russian Spy, Assassian, Matchmaker

Okay what I love most about this is Nat knows his neighbors.

(okay I love everything about this, especially Natasha continuing this conversation like they totally just didn’t jump out of a plane and murder/incapacitate twelve people, but we’ll focus on one thing in particular)

It’s really fueling my headcanon that Natasha just comes over and bothers Steve when she’s bored sometimes. She just comes in through the window sometimes, picks the lock when Steve isn’t home and rearranges his furniture (“The harmony of the room was off-balance” “That is a load of bullshit” “Have you gone undercover as a New Age specialist? No? Shut up. Harmony”), replaces his healthy food with microwave dinners. Things like that. Natasha is a world-class troll.

But she has cased his neighbors. She’s watching his back, making sure he’s in a good neighborhood, that he’s got a safe space to come home to.




The Stunning Wilhelmshöhe Palace & Park

Wilhelmshöhe Palace & Park is a stunning castle and unique landscape park in Kassel, Germany.  The area of the park is 2.4 square kilometres (590 acres), making it the largest European hillside park, and second largest park on a mountain slope in the world.

Construction of the park began in 1696 at the request of the Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel and took about 150 years. Originally laid out in the Baroque style of the Italian garden and the French formal garden with water features running downhill in cascades to the Wilhelmshöhe castle, it was later re-arranged into an English landscape garden with water features added in 1714.

During the summer, from May until October on every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon, visitors can watch the magical water show. Additionally, every first Saturday of the summer months this event takes place during the evening with different colored lights illuminating the water, the fountain and the different monuments (picture 2).

Visitors can follow the water’s way as it runs down the cascades, the Steinhöfer’s waterfall (pictures 1), the devil’s bridge (picture 4), until it tumbles down the aqueduct before finally arriving at the lake of the Wilhelmshöhe castle where a fountain of about 50 meters ends the spectacle (picture 3). This system has been in place for more than 300 years. In June, 2013 it was proclaimed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site which guarantees its preservation and elevates the site’s status as one of the many fascinating man-made structures on our planet.

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First fanart I’ve draw in months…

This was vaguely inspired by a prompt in this post about Steve taking care of Bucky and trying to restore him to his old self but apparently that was too cheerful for me so it turned into Bucky angsting in front of a cracked mirror because symbolism.