Moon Kingdom OPs are here!  Available in the shop in a lightweight cotton sateen.  Both listings are the same.  You can order either color from either listing.  If you’d like one of the other fabrics, different color fabric, or different color embroidery, send me message and I’ll get a listing up for you,  They will also be discounted during the preorder period.

Orders are estimated to begin shipping out 4 weeks after the close of preorder period.  Preorder period is from September 1st to the end of September 14th.  Item is discounted during the pre-order period  from $175 to $160.

Explanation of Each Fabric Shown in the Samples Here:

Lightweight Cotton Sateen

+Lightweight +Nice Drape +Soft to touch +Machine washable

Heavyweight Cotton Sateen

+Thicker + Less sheen +Machine Washable

-Doesn’t drape as nicely/a little stiff

Silk Linen Blend:

+lightweight +Nice drape +Fancy

-Wrinkles -Gets snagged -Not machine washable -Scratchy Lace




Ruth Marshall

RUTH MARSHALL brings attention to illegal wildlife trade and species loss in a way that unites a new, widened audience of scientists, art enthusiasts and the general public. Her textile pelts exemplify how artisan goods have the potential to have higher commercial value than a poached skin on the black market. The result would be a paradigm shift of the incentive in wildlife trade, which is one of the largest illegal activities in the world. Her textiles reinforce that support of conservation and a society’s culture is a more sustainable, viable and lucrative endeavor than the illegal wildlife trade.